Ecology & CSR

Thriving together in a changing world, on the road to sustainability : find out how Garsou-Angenot is working to reduce its carbon footprint, while promoting social responsibility. Explore the inspiring testimonials of our employees.

Our ecological commitment

Garsou-Angenot is an environmental pioneer, having reduced the CO2 emissions of its activities by 29.9% since 2016. With a further reduction of 14.8% since 2020, we are the first Belgian company to receive the Lean & Green Europe + 2 Star Award. A success that testifies of our ongoing commitment to the environment.

Garsou-Angenot HR policy: a modern vision

We value our staff by offering a comprehensive integration programme for new members. With ongoing training, mentors for new recruits and a warm welcome, we create an attractive and stimulating working environment.

Valuing people

Team spirit is a central pillar at Garsou-Angenot. We cultivate a corporate culture in which every member is valued and supported, creating a synergy that is reflected in the quality of our services and the satisfaction of our customers.

Continuous improvement

Continuous training and process improvement are at the heart of our philosophy. At Garsou-Angenot, we invest in the development of our employees and the optimisation of our operations, thus guaranteeing first-rate service delivery.