Our certifications

Whether in terms of quality, safety or environment, Garsou-Angenot focuses on obtaining certifications to strengthen its professionalism and meet the expectations/requirements of customers and the market in terms of goods transport and logistics.

Benefit from certified services

At Garsou-Angenot, the constant search for better quality services for our customers is a priority. With this in mind, we work hard to obtain certifications that are recognised in our sector and comply with the strictest national/international standards. We are proud to be able to share their added value with our prospects/customers.

ISO 9001
Quality management

Since 1995, we are ISO 9001 certified, guaranteeing our B2B customers uniform, high-quality transport and logistics services with high commercial returns thanks to rigorous customer-focused management and continuous improvement of our processes.

FSSC 22000
Food safety management system

Garsou-Angenot is distinguished by its "FSSC 22000" certification, which ensures the safety of the food chain. Reliable delivery of safe food products contributes to consumer confidence and ultimately to their loyalty to your brand(s).

European organic farming label (Certisys® certified)

We store our products in accordance with the requirements of the standard to ensure that the organic nature of the goods is maintained. Evenmore, we ensure full traceability with checking of packaging and documents on arrival and departure.

Lean & Green
Programme to reduce CO2 emissions

Garsou-Angenot has committed to reduce the CO2 emissions from its transport and logistics activities by 20% as part of the "Lean & Green" programme. The objective was achieved in 2016, with a 29.9% reduction, and an additional 14.8% since 2020 (1st Belgian company to receive the "Award Lean & Green Europe + 2 stars" - a great success ! ).

Authorised Economic Operator status

As pioneers in this field, since 2010 we have full AEO status
(= customs simplifications & security/safety), which means we can carry out customs formalities ourselves, e.g. supervised controls, while strengthening the security of the supply chain in the EU and internationally for all our customers.

Member of the International Air Transport Association

Garsou-Angenot is affiliated to IATA, which represents 300 airlines in 120 countries (83% of international air traffic). This vast internationally recognised network benefits our Air Freight department and enables us to provide our clients with experienced advice on air transport (in line with market trends), cost savings, etc.

ISO 9001 : Not applicable to the Air Freight business

FSSC 22000 : Not applicable to the Air Freight and Sea Freight businesses

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