Our partnerships

When you choose Garsou-Angenot for your goods transport and logistics needs, you benefit from our membership of a vast network of prestigious partners (Astre, Palet System, AOP, Globalia), which gives you numerous commercial advantages.


By joining the Astre group in 2015, Garsou-Angenot offers its customers the advantage of being part of a large European network of independent transport and logistics members. The group has 360 locations across Europe, with 170 companies and 22,000 employees working together to share freight and know-how for all supply chain players.

Garsou-Angenot customers can benefit from economies of scale and reliable/efficient transport services in Europe, with daily departures to many countries (46 countries covered) and a significant capacity to manage large volumes of freight (44,000 pallets are handled every day by Astre).

Pallet System

Garsou-Angenot sets itself apart by offering its customers access to the Palet System network's expertise in high-quality palletised transport. With more than 11 hubs strategically located across Europe, over 300 regional distributors and a daily handling capacity of 36,000 pallets, customers can be assured of a fast, reliable and cost-effective service.

By joining this eco-responsible network, customers also benefit from an environmentally-friendly solution thanks to optimised shipping. Palet System covers 46 European countries and guarantees the security and traceability of shipments, with guaranteed delivery times and real-time feedback.

Air and Ocean Partners (AOP)

Garsou-Angenot is also affiliated to Air and Ocean Partners (AOP), which aims to unite freight forwarders for mutual benefit by forming a quality freight network. Through our membership of AOP, Garsou-Angenot customers have access to a wide choice of agents in over 100 countries, including major trading centres, developing markets and niche markets. This network helps its affiliates to establish connections with the most appropriate agents thanks to its logistical infrastructure and an administration which is concerned about the quality of cooperation between its members.

The "AOP Projet Partners" branch enables the management of large international projects requiring specific logistics.


Globalia is a global logistics network distinguished by its commitment to efficiency, sustainability and innovation. With members in more than 120 countries, Globalia offers truly global coverage, enabling Garsou-Angenot to connect its customers to key markets around the world.

As a member of Globalia, Garsou-Angenot benefits from access to a range of advanced logistics services, including air and ocean freight, overland transport, warehousing and distribution. In addition, thanks to Globalia's commitment to technology, we are able to offer our customers cutting-edge tracking and tracing solutions, ensuring complete supply chain visibility at every stage of the process.

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